A large number of prescription and over the counter drugs are being abused by people nowadays. One of these drugs is Vyvanse, which is prescribed for people with ADHD. The Vyvanse is designed to stimulate the central nervous system as well as the brain and the nerves to manage hyperactivity and impulse.

Vyvanse The Medicine

Most of the time, Vyvanse is used alongside with psychological, social and educational therapy for people with ADHD. However, it is not recommended for those who used MAO inhibitors like Marplan, Parnate, Azilect, Nardil or Eldepryl. It is also known to cause sudden deaths on people with congenital heart defects and heart problems. It is also not suitable for people who have glaucoma, severe anxiety, tension, high blood pressure, epilepsy, Tourettes syndrome and history of mental illness in the family. Consulting a doctor before taking in Vyvanse is very important and could be life threatening if overlooked. The effects of Vyvanse could be habit forming and might even lead to drug abuse so each intake must be kept track of.

The Abuse of Vyvanse

If the Vyvanse is used more often than it should be, there could be some serious Vyvanse side effects. Some of these include uneven heartbeats, decreased blood pressure or dangerously high blood pressure, tremors, restlessness, hallucinations, chest pain, seizure and so much more. Furthermore, some side effects are alarming like personality changes, overactive reflexes, depressions, kidney damage, psychosis, schizophrenia, sexual dysfunction and anxiety disorder.

People who also experience Vyvanse abuse also tend to be more physically violent and show violent tendencies when the drug is not immediately available to them. On severe cases, the effects could even lead to suicidal tendencies. Most of those who go through Vyvanse high show signs of manic behavior. These people could suddenly be over enthusiastic, euphoric, restless, animated and just plain hyperactive. Their attention span could also be significantly decreased and their speech faster than usual. The appetite of the person abusing Vyvanse will also be reduced, hence weight loss.

Treatment for Vyvanse addicts

People who abuse Vyvanse should immediately be treated and detoxified because Vyvanse abuse could lead to serious health problems and even death. However, if a person will just immediately stop, the chances of a relapse are very likely. There is a proper process in overcoming drug addiction and it should be followed.  A person who is a drug addict will also experience withdrawal symptoms that could get really awry, so the withdrawal from the drug must be done gradually.

There are several drug rehabilitation centers in various locations, it is best to ask for their assistance. Another is that hospitals and people from the medical field might also be of help. Below are some of the steps in Vyvanse abuse treatment.

Rapid Detoxification It is often conducted on hospitals and the person is flushed with chemicals that will remove the traces of drugs in their body.

Inpatient Treatment Program The drug addict is then taken into a drug rehabilitation facility for a certain number of months. The program still includes detoxification and counseling sessions.

Outpatient treatment programs This is when a patient can go home after the treatment. This is common on patients who have a high possibility of being well again. A therapy and treatment session once a day could be done even at home.

Cognitive behavior therapy It is often used on patients who are not into the drug abuse problem but may have a high tendency of being one. A counselor often handles these cases and helps the patient in avoiding situations and tendencies that could trigger the drug abuse.

Group therapy sessions People who have the same problem go into counseling together and they help each other with the guidance of a counselor or a leader.