Today I am going to present you a revolutionary step towards natural and successful cure for tonsil Stones (tonsilloliths). After prolonged research I have finally found a natural way to exterminate tonsil stone. ENT specialists, Ayurveda doctors, homeopaths, doctors of Chinese traditional medicine and naturopaths have worked together to bring this miraculous cure.

What is a tonsil Stone?

Before we go further in our quest to know about the product, we shall discuss about the disease a bit. Tonsil is a pair of tissues present in both the sides of your back of the throat. These are formed mainly by lymphocytes, blood cells which help in preventing and killing of invading organisms. It is proved that tonsils are part of our immune system where the invading organism from mouth and nose get trapped and ultimately destroyed.

But in most occasions, tonsils bother us than they help in minimizing infection. They got inflamed even by minute infection giving us sore throat, fever and dry cough. As tonsils are repeatedly infected and healed, there is deposition of dead bacteria and virus cells inside the tonsillar tissue. Necrosed tonsillar cells, mucous and chemicals like calcium and magnesium also get trapped within some pockets of tonsil. As the deposition increases in size and gets calcified, it becomes like a stone (tonsilloliths or tonsil stones).

Tonsil stone is not very common. But it becomes difficult to live with such kind of stone. A small white or pale yellow colored stone like substance can be seen or palpated within the crevasse of the tonsil.

Common tonsil stones symptoms

Most of the tonsil stones are discovered accidentally as small stones do not cause any objectionable symptom. In most of the cases, they are discovered when ENT specialists prescribe a CT scan or X-ray of head and neck to diagnose some other diseases. But the larger tonsil stones can give rise to several intolerable symptoms. They are:

  • Foul smell – this is the most common symptom. Doctors should always suspect the presence of tonsil stone if there is increasing foul smell coming out from your mouth, especially when it is accompanied by chronic tonsillitis. This symptom is also called ‘halitosis’. Putrefaction of dead cells and bacteria take place inside the tonsillar tissue and gives rise to this symptom. There is increased amount of volatile sulfur in the breath of patients suffering from chronic tonsillitis. It is seen that more than 75% of these patients also suffer from tonsil stones.
  • White patches – a layer of white colored debris can be found over the infected tonsil. Sometimes, this layer turns into a tonsil stone and can either be seen over the back of your throat or remain hidden inside the burrows of the tonsillar tissues. Any imaging modalities like X-ray, CT scan or MRI scan can detect the occurrence of a concealed, calcified tonsil stone.
  • Pain in the throat – constant pain in the throat is another symptom of tonsil stone. Unlike of chronic tonsillitis, where the pain is not always present, a tonsil stone will produce constant irritation to the tonsil tissue and in turn it will cause pain.
  • Difficulty in swallowing – as both the tonsils are inflamed in chronic tonsillitis, you will have difficulty in swallowing of food.

Treatment recommended by ENT specialists

As I consulted my ENT specialist and he told me that only treatment available for tonsil stones nowadays is surgical removal of the affected tonsil. Now, many of us are terrorized with the name of operation and I am no different. I was in my conjuncture of life – either to continue my life with constant pain in my throat and bad breath or to go for the most fearful event of my life; lying over an operation table which costs thousands of dollars.

I thought why I don’t take some research before I choose my fate. I consulted two more ENT surgeons and got the same opinion. Then I went to naturopaths and homeopaths. I took all the medicines prescribed by them. I took some nasal sprays, anti-allergic tablets and pain killers; but nothing went in my favor.

Lastly, when I was preparing to get operated, I heard about this “Banish tonsil stones” E-book. A friend gave me this tip. Since the price was much lower that I have already spent on doctors I decided to give it a try and it changed my life altogether. It explained me nicely that why some people suffer from tonsil stone and some others are spared. I simply got overwhelmed by his knowledge of tonsil stones. It is a step-by-step program that will show you exactly how to get rid of your tonsil stones naturally and ensure they never come back! I have tried it and all my sufferings were vanished as if they were never there.

Now I am totally cured from tonsil stones

Now I am totally cured without any nasal spray, tablets or surgery. My bad breaths are history. I don’t feel pain in my throat any more. I consulted my previous ENT surgeon and he also confirmed that my tonsil stone is gone, gone forever. This great remedy gave me a miraculous cure from tonsil stone and it never appeared again.

Nasal spray and tablets won’t cure you!

You must have seen advertisements of different nasal sprays, pain killers and anti-allergy tablets for the treatment of tonsil stone. But the fact is that you have to continue using these medicines lifelong. They kill the bacteria that cause bad smell, but cannot cure the tonsil stone. As the root cause persists, the bad breath will return if you discontinue the medicines.

This simple solution towards complete cure of tonsillitis will root out the cause. Hence you won’t require any kind of medicines anymore. It is completely natural, easy to use and simple preparation. No costly medicines, no difficult-to-find herbs are necessary. Tonsil stone will start dissolving within 3 days. Within 2 weeks time, you will be free from tonsil stone, forever.

What is included in this book?

  • What is a tonsil stone?
  • How they occur inside our tonsil?
  • What are the compositions of tonsil stone?
  • What are the risk factors of tonsil stone?
  • Symptoms of tonsil stones.
  • Why some people have tonsillitis and others do not?
  • Why nasal sprays and tablets won’t work for you.
  • Is tonsil stone infective in nature?
  • Reasons of bad breath in a person and its relation with tonsil stone.
  • Why consider this 4-step simple and natural solution before going through surgical removal of tonsil stone?
  • Will antibiotics of any help?
  • What are the normal functions of tonsil?
  • Any much more interesting facts…

I am confident with the treatment modality and my strongest evidence is myself. I can strongly recommend this 4-step natural cure to tonsil stone to the world. If you are my fellow sufferer, I strongly advice you give it a try before a surgical treatment.