Cheek augmentation, which is also termed as Cheekbone plastic surgery, is a kind of plastic surgery being performed with a view to enhance the beauty of a face lost through aging. It mainly rectifies the drooping cheek and the consequent volume loss with the advancement of age. However people of young age group also go for this surgery to augment the facial grace to a considerable extent.

Cheekbone plastic surgery, Lake Forest is a highly reliable option for people with low cheekbones opting for cheekbone augmentation in Chicago. In fact it has a varied experience of bringing an enhanced facial appearance to a number of highly satisfied customers from all over Chicago and even outside. Every day people, who are unhappy with some flaws or the other in their face, visit the place for experts’ advice from Cheekbone plastic surgery, Lake Forest. And most of them return with a great smile on their face. This is because the plastic surgeons here are highly efficient in bringing a graceful and enhanced look to the face of the patients in quite an effective manner.

Undoubtedly, cheekbone has got a dominant role in defining the overall beauty of a face, be it a man or a woman. It provides a pleasant balance to the face structure and augment added attraction to the face. But unfortunately this cheek line tends to decline as a person starts to age. And the person gradually loses the attractive appearance possessed by him or her so far. And it is then that the cheekbone surgery comes into play. It rebuilds the cheekbone by virtue of augmenting healthy fat combined with soft tissues which once again brings back the lost charm even on the aging face.

Aging is however not the one and only cause for adopting cheekbone surgery. Even those who are far from aging also choose it if they are unhappy with their natural cheekbone and overall facial structure. For them it is a great way to become more beautiful as per the way they choose to. For this very reason females are more likely to go for such surgeries vis-à-vis their male counterparts.

There are more than one surgical procedure that are available for cheekbone augmentation such as molar augmentationsuture suspension, suture meloplication, SOOF lift, endoscopic face lift  etc. These surgeries are quite least invasive still very helpful in restoring the flawed cheekbones and developing youthful and beautiful face anew. The cheekbone folds become softened, the bagging effects are improved and overall appearance is enhanced as a consequence.

Cheekbone plastic surgeries are performed by utilizing various materials and solid silicon is the commonest one followed by Polytetrafluoroethylene which is also called Medpor. In the process of cheekbone surgery, the surgeon makes an incision on the upper mouth inside which the implant materials are put in. The surgery is typically done under complete anesthesia and generally takes one to two hours depending on the details of the process. Recovery is achieved within nine to twelve days in most of the cases.

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