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Are the black dots in my kittens fur flea eggs?

Fleas are the most common external parasites on cats. They are wingless insects that feed on blood and move from one animal to the other by jumping. Your cat scratching often and persistently can be an indication of a flea… Continue Reading →

Are Steroids Legal in Spain?

In Spain the use of steroids is legal. They have an anti-doping law prohibiting use of steroids or use of any other performance enhancing drugs in sports. Major sports bodies have also banned use of steroids in sports. Photo Credit:… Continue Reading →

Are Shotty Lymph Nodes Normal?

Yes, shotty lymph nodes are normal. The name ‘shotty’ refers to the fact that the nodes feel like pellets or buckshot. Doctors are more concerned if they find node sizes that are not symmetrical. Reference: Photo Credit: source Resource:… Continue Reading →

Shingles Contagious Period?

If a person with shingles comes into direct contact with a healthy person, the healthy person may develop chicken pox but not shingles itself. Please seek medical advice. Photo Credit: Source Resource: How Long are Shingles Contagious? – When… Continue Reading →

Are Rib Bones Safe for Dogs?

Rib bones are not recommended for dogs. These semi soft bones are usually small, and can easily be ingested into the windpipe, causing a choking hazard. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: what kind of bones are safe for dogs? –… Continue Reading →

Are Soybeans Bad for Dogs?

It is not safe to feed soybeans to dogs. Dogs cannot digest soybeans because they lack the necessary amino acids. Soybeans could cause bloating which can even lead to death. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: Why are Grapes Bad for Dogs?… Continue Reading →

Are Sleeping Pills Harmful to Dogs?

Sleeping pills are harmful to dogs. It may cause them to be so much excited and agitated. You should bring the dog to the veterinarian for proper treatment. Photo Credit: source Resource: What sleeping pills are best for dogs? –… Continue Reading →

Are Pregnancy Tests Ever Wrong?

Of course some pregnancy tests can be wrong for one reason or another, but this is very rare. According to experts however, it’s always important to choose testing kits that are well manufactured or preserved to avoid these disparities. Photo… Continue Reading →

Are Poinsettias Poisonous?

The poinsettia is not poisonous as many people think of the traditional Christmas plant, but an analysis by the American Association of Poison Control Centres of hundreds of cases found 96 per cent of people who had ingested poinsettia did… Continue Reading →

Olympic Gold Medal Winners

Olympic gold medals are not purely gold. They are made from at least 92.5% silver, and must be plated with a minimum of 6 grams of gold. The last series of Olympic medals to be made of solid gold were… Continue Reading →

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