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Causes of Shoulder Pain?

One cause of muscle strain is tendinitis which is an inflammation of the tendons that surround the joint. Shoulder pain could also be caused by a pulled muscle or injury to the muscle. Shoulder pain is also a symptom of… Continue Reading →

Are Mice Allergic to Peppermint?

If you are looking for a mice repellant than look no further. Mice have been found to be allergic to peppermint. Mice are one of the most irritating rodents that you can ever wish to have around. They basically eat… Continue Reading →

Are Rhubarb Leaves Poisonous to Dogs?

Rhubarb are leaves poisonous to dogs. A substance called oxalate is quite prevalent in the leaves of the rhubarb plant. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream if ingested and can cause severe problems. Photo Credit: Link Resource: Why are… Continue Reading →

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