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Celebrities with High Cheekbones?

High cheek bones are highly desired by many women, whether she is famous or not. Some will go to great lengths to achieve the appearance of high cheek bones, even if they don’t come by them naturally. Blushes and other… Continue Reading →

Are Ocular Migraines Dangerous?

Yes, ocular migraines can be dangerous and very scary. It really just depends on what you’re during when they occur. These types of migraines can cause temporary loss of vision. Photo Credit: Link Resource: What is An Ocular Migraine? –… Continue Reading →

Are Oysters Good for You?

Some kinds of oysters are consumed both cooked and raw. They are eaten by not only humans, but crabs, starfish, and seabirds. Pearl oysters, produce natural pearls and are one type of oysters that are not consumed by humans. Oysters… Continue Reading →

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