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Cervical Mucus before Period?

Cervical mucus is a kind of discharge that can be found before your period. Every womans menstrual cycle is different and mucus levels vary, some women may not get any mucus whilst others may find to be quite regular. In… Continue Reading →

Are Pregnancy Tests Ever Wrong?

Of course some pregnancy tests can be wrong for one reason or another, but this is very rare. According to experts however, it’s always important to choose testing kits that are well manufactured or preserved to avoid these disparities. Photo… Continue Reading →

Are Post Dated Cheques Illegal in the UK?

Post dated cheques are not illegal in UK. Post-dating a cheque carries no legal weight and therefore such a cheque can be cashed before the due date. Generally client gives this kind of cheque for some kind of guarantee. However… Continue Reading →

Are My Cockatiel Eggs Fertile?

Your cockatiel eggs are fertile if they have a dark spot in the centre with red spidery appearance emanating from the spot. If you look at them under some bright light, you will also be able to see a white… Continue Reading →

Are Mushrooms Poisonous to Dogs?

While most mushrooms are generally considered non-toxic, certain types can be very dangerous to dogs. Amanita phalloides is the most commonly reported severely toxic species of mushroom. Drooling, liver damage, kidney damage, vomiting diarrhea, convulsions are some of the symptoms… Continue Reading →

Causes of Lipemic Serum?

Lipemic serum in the blood refers to the presence of excess fats or lipids. It causes the blood serum to appear milky. It typically occurs after a heavy meal containing excess fats and will resolve itself after 12-24 hours of… Continue Reading →

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