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Are Steroids Legal in Spain?

In Spain the use of steroids is legal. They have an anti-doping law prohibiting use of steroids or use of any other performance enhancing drugs in sports. Major sports bodies have also banned use of steroids in sports. Photo Credit:… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Cell Phone Screen Saver?

Screen savers are the one that appears when a cellphone is on standby mode. To have a screen saver on your phone, turn on the screen saver found on the display setting of your phone. You can either choose what… Continue Reading →

Are Mussels High in Cholesterol?

Mussels have very low cholesterol levels. In fact mussels are known to have low-fat, high B vitamins, amino acids, iron, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc. Cholesterol assists the body to build cell membranes and hormones. Photo Credit: link Resource: How… Continue Reading →

Are Psychosomatic Disorders Real Imaginary?

Psychosomatic disorders are real. The disorder involves both mind and body and although it is emotional or mental, its symptoms manifest physically. The disorder often develops when the disease-fighting capacity is undermined by stress. Photo Credit: Source Resource: what is… Continue Reading →

Causes of Nose Twitching?

The causes of nose twitching can be silly and severe. Some of those causes include the fact that some people are able to twitch their noses just for fun. Other nose twitching causes might include motor disorders or tics that… Continue Reading →

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