If you are looking for a mice repellant than look no further. Mice have been found to be allergic to peppermint. Mice are one of the most irritating rodents that you can ever wish to have around. They basically eat anything from your foodstuffs, soap and even stationery. If you therefore wish to get rid of them, use the peppermint oil extract since it is usually 100% pure. It is important to use the pure peppermint oil since mice have been found to thrive in areas where mild peppermint oil has been used. Mice are very allergic to peppermint such that they have always disappeared in areas treated with the peppermint oil. If you are living next to a dumpsite or a building construction and you are being bothered by the mice simply look for the peppermint oil. Mice are very allergic to peppermint and will avoid it all cost. The problem with using peppermint as a mice repellant is that you need a lot of it in a living area which may be costly.

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