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May 2016

Causes of Low Red Blood Cell Count?

Red blood cells perform the very important role of delivering oxygen to the body’s tissues. First, oxygen from the lungs binds to the iron-rich molecule hemoglobin. It is then released throughout the body via the circulatory system. The amount of… Continue Reading →

Causes of Roid Rage?

Steroids are often used by athletes to enhance their athletic performance. The steroids can have negative effects on the person’s body. One of the side effects of steroids is aggressive behavior. This aggressive behavior is often referred to as ‘roid… Continue Reading →

Causes of Severe Hip Pain?

The causes of severe hip pain most often include trauma or damage to the joint of the hip. When the cartilage inside the joint of the hip is damaged, severe hip pain can result. Causes of severe hip pain can… Continue Reading →

Causes of Low Globulin Levels?

Low globulin can be caused by liver or kidney disease, malnutrition, and even severe burns. These test results should be discussed with your doctor. Reference: Photo Credit: source Resource: What causes globulin to be low? – What Causes… Continue Reading →

Causes of Polydipsia?

The most common causes of polydipsia include eating a spicy meal or eating a meal that is extremely salty. Other causes of excessive thirst or polydipsia include drinking salty beverages like soda and diseases like diabetes. Also causing polydipsia is… Continue Reading →

Causes of Red Swollen Eyelid?

One possible cause of a red swollen eyelid is an infection in the eye. Conjunctivitis can cause the eye to be swollen, itchy and red. Foreign debris in the eye can also cause the eye to become swollen. Swollen eyelids… Continue Reading →

Causes of Leg Giving Out?

When the legs give out, this is due to leg weakness. Leg weakness can occur for many different reasons. Excessive exercise or activity may leave the legs feeling weak and even cause them to give out, making a person collapse…. Continue Reading →

Causes of Peer Pressure?

The causes of peer pressure can be difficult to pinpoint when observing a social group. Peer pressure is sometimes caused by the vulnerability of a certain class or age of person. Teens are most likely to be vulnerable to this… Continue Reading →

Causes of Lipemic Serum?

Lipemic serum in the blood refers to the presence of excess fats or lipids. It causes the blood serum to appear milky. It typically occurs after a heavy meal containing excess fats and will resolve itself after 12-24 hours of… Continue Reading →

Causes of Itchy Throat?

There are a number of causes of an itchy throat. A few of these include dry throat, load speaking, or infections. In addition to the throat itching, in most cases, eyes will become watery and there may difficulty eating. Reference:… Continue Reading →

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