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May 2016

Causes Sharp Ear Pain?

The most common causes of sharp ear pain include otitis media, malignant otitis externa, and swimmer’s ear. These diseases are sometimes collectively referred to as ‘ear infections.’ Ear pain can also be caused by arthritis of the jaw, an object… Continue Reading →

Causes of Sticky Stool?

The causes of a sticky stool can include the use of coffee. Eating certain foods and drinking some types of beverages can cause sticky or tarry stools. Sticky stools can also come from the blood that escapes the body from… Continue Reading →

What Causes Hands to Peel?

The dry Winter weather can cause the skin on hands or feet to peel. The dry skin peels, letting new skin grow underneath.Sometimes it is caused by a fungal infection that requires medication. Photo Credit: link Resource: what causes hands… Continue Reading →

Causes of Tingling in Right Hand Arm?

The causes of tingling in the right arm can include compression of the veins in the arm due to pressure placed on the arm from outside of the body. For example, if you fall asleep on your right arm, you… Continue Reading →

Causes of Scabs in Nose?

The causes of scabs in the nose can include the use of drugs that are inhaled through the nose. Other causes include extremely hard blowing of the nose due to infection or the common cold, picking of the nose that… Continue Reading →

Causes of Tightening in Chest?

Tightness in the chest accompanied by shortness in the breathing can lead to some medical conditions. This is mostly related to some cardiac or lung problems. Some of the causes are; panic attack, bronchitis, digestive disorder, heart attack, sleep disorder… Continue Reading →

Causes of Swollen Eyes?

The causes of swollen eyes include conjunctivitis, hay fever, cellulitis, blepharitis, and allergies. Allergies are the most common cause of any type of swelling of the facial area including the eyes. Swollen eyes can also come from diseases like Graves’… Continue Reading →

Causes of Nose Twitching?

The causes of nose twitching can be silly and severe. Some of those causes include the fact that some people are able to twitch their noses just for fun. Other nose twitching causes might include motor disorders or tics that… Continue Reading →

Causes of Shopping Addiction?

The causes of shopping addiction or compulsive shopping can include many types of emotional deprivation that is associated with an abusive family or a traumatic childhood. Other causes of shopping addiction include approval seeking, the need to gain control in… Continue Reading →

What Causes Men to be Sterile?

There are many reasons why men become sterile. It can be due to alcoholism, stress, obesity and hormonal problems. Photo Credit: Link Resource: What Causes Men to be Sterile? – What causes infertility and sterility? – What causes… Continue Reading →

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